Check out how Larry Kosilla saved this Porsche 944 from a junkyard


You may be do or maybe don’t know about Larry Kosilla, but when you google him, you find out that he is one of the worlds most famous car detailers. If you want your car to be propper clean, you contact this guy.

But this is about different story. Larry found out this old Porsche 944 on the junkyard. Poor car was auctioned but auction failed so very sad and was avaiting this once a great Porsche. After some phone calls and emails, owner decided not to scrap the car but donate it for the charity instead.

And thats how it all started. Larry (you should check his youtube channel) invested his money, time and resources and help to bring this Porsche 944 back to live. The goal was to raise money for child charity. After Larry posted first pictures, car was sold instantly not for 500 dollars but for 3000.

Now, this refreshed Porsche is awaiting restoration to the former glory and we can only thank Larry that he saved another nice car from a junkyard.