Have you ever wondered what the future of iconic model 911 would look like? Well, thanks to many low-emission models like full electric Taycan or plug-in hybrids of Panamera and Cayenne, there is still free place for traditional sports cars with combustion engines.

The near future of the iconic Porsche 911 was discussed with Porsche sports cars line director Frank-Steffen Walliser in an interview in the British Autocar magazine so check it out for many interesting information.

If you are too lazy to click on that link, so here is the short version. Don’t be afraid, there is no full electric 911 coming. Porsche has other models to do the job so in the next decade, 911 will stick with combustion engine. There is hybrid in the works, but it will be a special version to test public reactions.

The good news is that the next 911 GT3 will have naturally aspirated engine derived from racing programme. So no turbos for GT3, at least in this generation.

We can expect some more special versions like GTS and maybe also a Carrera T model, something like more comfortable version of GT3. And we can also expect a lightweight package for every 911 in the range, not only GT3, but also basic Carreras and even Turbo. You will be able to select this lightweight package without rear seats, sound insulation or infotainment as an option.

But we are still waiting for manual transmission for new 911. It is offered in the US market, but you can’t buy it in Europe. So hopefully, it will arrive soon. Sadly there are less than 10 % of market share for manuals.